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Mike Smerklo is an experienced entrepreneur, investor and business leader driven by the desire to turn ideas into reality. Having bought and scaled a small business into a publicly traded company worth nearly a billion dollars in value, he has a deep understanding of the hard work, dedication and grit that truly powers successful entrepreneurship. Today, as the co-founder and managing director of Next Coast Ventures, Smerklo is a champion for a new generation of entrepreneurs building disruptive companies in big markets. His new book, “Mr. Monkey and Me” (Scribe Media, Nov. 17, 2020), is a “real talk” guide for entrepreneurs who want to cut through the noise to cultivate a mindset that supports greatness.
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Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

The following is adapted from "Mr. Monkey and Me: A Real Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs" by Mike Smerklo. Copyright 2020 Lioncrest Publishing. In addition to getting the help you need and gaining perspective from your peers, there’s an added, less obvious benefit to asking for help. Odd as it may sound, asking someone for help endears you...