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Muneeb Mushtaq is a serial entrepreneur and currently CEO of a Canada-based tech startup called Airzai that is creating products that transform the home fragrance industry. As a CPG based tech-first company, Airzai recently announced the launch of its initial product: a patent-pending smart home fragrance diffuser called Airzai Aroma. In the wake of the global pandemic, Muneeb Mushtaq shifted the focus of Airzai to create a new line of products called Airzai Care. This new product line includes all-natural air, surface disinfectant which is the flagship product of Airzai. Muneeb Mushtaq also introduced a premium hand sanitizer product to the Airzai Care line that is developed to contribute to the shortage of sanitization products in the market. Muneeb Mushtaq is also an award-winning keynote speaker who has spoken on prestigious stages around the world. Muneeb Mushtaq has also done a TEDx Talk on collaborative consumption that shaped the basis for his second company AskforTask. To date, Muneeb Mushtaq has co-founded three tech companies and sold one. He considers himself a serial tech entrepreneur. When not busy with his companies, Muneeb Mushtaq invests his free time giving back through his social media channels.
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