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Mark Zides is the author of "The #Pace Process for Early Career Success" Zides is the founder and CEO of CoreAxis Consulting, an award-winning learning and development, and talent management firm. He has a passion for helping companies mold their future, drive growth, and create things that matter, and for helping individuals find the success they've always desired. He lives in Boston with his wife, three kids and two labradoodles. Please visit
The #Pace Process
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How to Handle Career Uncertainty: Take Control of What You Can Change Now

Excerpted from The #Pace Process for Early Career Success. Copyright © 2022 by Mark Zides. Reprinted with permission from Armin Lear Press. All rights reserved.  What can I do now? Not tomorrow, not next year, but now? We can’t predict the future, and we can’t have complete control over things that haven’t happened yet. Isn’t it funny we...