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Natalie Coughlan is the Digital Marketing Manager at MNA Digital. Specializing in brand and marketing strategy, Natalie is passionate about helping businesses make the most of their marketing budget to improve performance and brand awareness. After spending nearly a decade in sales and marketing for both local SMEs and national businesses, Natalie knows what truly drives conversions as well as customer engagement. Having joined MNA Digital in 2019, Natalie has since relaunched the brand to reflect the personality of the agency and showcase its offering, with a focus on delivering performance-driven marketing solutions for SMEs.
working from home
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5 Tips for Effectively Working from Home

While we are in the midst of the global COVID-19 crisis, working from home has become the new normal for so many of us. For some, this can be a brand-new reality, and it can be difficult to focus on work in an environment that is usually associated with leisure. Starting your workday in your...