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Nina Kaufman demystifies legal mumbo-jumbo to save small businesses time, money and aggravation. Nina is also an award-winning attorney, speaker and columnist/blogger for Entrepreneur Magazine online. Visit Nina's website at For a free coy of her Entrepreneur's Business Law Primer, visit
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I`ve Incorporated. I`m Protected…Right???

You’re hot to trot with an idea for a fabulous new business. You remember a horror story about the “entrepreneur who didn’t incorporate,” who got sued, and lost all her personal assets. Determined that won’t be you, you click onto BizFilings and form a corporation. You lean back in your office chair, take a deep...
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Website Terms and Conditions

Doing business online? Do you have an agreement with your customers? “How can I possibly have an agreement with everyone?” you ask. “They shop at my site from all over the world!” Aha -- that’s where your website terms and conditions come in.     Website terms and conditions provide more than just intellectual joy rides...
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How Your Blog Can Land You in Court

Business blogging is not easily pigeon-holed from a legal perspective. Some laws already apply in non-blog contexts, such as: Don't disclose another's trade secrets Bad-mouthing the boss is not a good idea Trumping up unfounded claims against a competitor will get you in trouble If you are blogging for your business (that is, either publishing...
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When Outsourcing Makes You Go "Ouch!"

When does “outsourcing” make you go “ouch!”? When you receive a notice from the Department of Labor, assessing you penalties and interest for not paying payroll taxes for your “employee.” “But no!” you cry. “This was an independent contractor! We had an agreement.” “Too bad,” says the Department of Labor. “It’s not what you call...