Nina B. Ries

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Nina Ries has extensive experience in business and real estate. In connection with litigation, she identifies weaknesses in documents, analyzes the parties' vulnerabilities, and crafts innovative ways to exploit those weaknesses. The same analysis informs her deal work and helps her mitigate her clients' risk. Ries Law Group serves as outside counsel and general counsel to companies in a variety of sectors, including real estate, manufacturing, pharmacy, healthcare, tech, startups and the service industry.
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Protect Your Business by Putting Handshake Deals in Writing

Business attorneys negotiate and analyze contracts on a daily basis. However, we know from years of experience dealing with parties who are both agreeable and adverse, trying to resolve disputes regarding meaning and interpretation, and litigating over contracts when necessary, it can often be difficult for entrepreneurs and small business owners to know what to...
general counsel
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Why Even Smaller Companies Need General Counsel

As I represent so many small to mid-sized companies, I’m frequently asked for my best advice for these types of businesses. While the list is long and the advice can depend in part on the industry in which the businesses are in, the single best over-arching piece of advice for their success boils down to...