Patrick Carroll

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Patrick Carroll is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist and CEO and founder of CARROLL, a prominent real estate investment company. From a young age, Patrick Carroll had a vision to build a real estate company from the ground up. What started as a multi-family and retail assets company quickly turned into managing over $5 billion worth of assets, including owning over 30,000 residential and commercial properties across the east coast. Patrick built his company into a multi-billion-dollar real estate empire, without the need for a college degree, and emerged as one of America’s youngest real estate developers. CARROLL is one of Patrick's greatest successes and he remains humble by prioritizing being a positive role model for his three sons and being incredibly philanthropic. Donating to more than 50 charities worldwide, Patrick has a commitment to health, wellness and early childhood development. As a board member of the Boys and Girls Club, he wants to show high school students that there are multiple avenues to success and with the right combination of grit, ambition and self-worth, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. As a motivational speaker and health activist, he inspires the next generation of young entrepreneurs to prioritize a lifestyle of health and wellness while also pursuing their dreams.