Patrick Clements

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Patrick is the CEO and co-founder of SherpaDesk, a San Francisco-based professional services automation solution designed to simplify core business activities for managed service providers and IT teams. Patrick is a member of the Technology Executive Roundtable and serves on the board of multiple non-profit organizations.
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How to Staff a Strong Culture on a Shoestring Budget

Founding a successful startup is one of the hardest things an entrepreneur can do. Money is tight, talent is limited and competition is fierce. Time is money. It can be a vicious cycle, which explains why more than 50 percent of startups fail within four years. So, what does it take to survive? The right...
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7 Fatal (and Common) Mistakes Threatening Your Startup’s Success

Most startups fail. It’s the nature of business—there isn’t enough room for everyone. And as anyone who has founded a successful (or unsuccessful) business can attest, there are about a thousand different ways to crash and burn. But someone has to succeed, and that someone may as well be you. After all, you’ve got a...