Paula Hay

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Paula is involved with graphic design, website development, and  the "buy local" consumer movement.  Learn more about Paula in her StartupNation profile, RabbitMountain.
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No Stinkin’ Website?? No Stinkin’ Sales!!

A “greasy-haired propeller head” responds to Gene Marks' BusinessWeek opinion piece.     How much do you suppose a CPA knows about web marketing? Right: probably not much. Subject matter experts are typically not qualified to...
Multi-Million Dollar Businesses
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Search engine strategies for local business

In my work with small, local businesses, I often run into entrepreneurs who feel that the web can't be much benefit to them. They advertise in the newspaper, they rely on word-of-mouth, they don't intend...
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Usability beyond the web

For Christmas last year my dad decided to give my grandfather a truly useful gift: his first mobile phone. It didn't go over so well — Gramps could not decipher the phone's symbolic markings and...