Perrine Farque

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Perrine Farque is a professional keynote speaker and diversity expert who empowers leaders to leverage diversity as their competitive advantage. Nominated in the Top 50 Most Influential UK Tech Women, Perrine continues to be recognized for her contributions. Perrine drove the strategy at companies such as Facebook and is on a mission to make the workplace more inclusive and diverse.
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4 Startup Myths That Hold Innovation Back (and How to Overcome Them)

We live in a world with a stereotypical representation of what a startup founder looks like, so it's no wonder that a large portion of the population feels underrepresented. According to the EEOC, 83 percent of tech executives are white. A Gender Gap Grader study shows that women represent 9 percent of developers in the startup...
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A Practical Guide to Diversity for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are rightly focused on building the next billion-dollar business. With so many startup success stories and technological advancements these days, anything is possible. However, as an increasing body of research demonstrates, there is another often forgotten factor that drives startup success: diversity and inclusion. McKinsey, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch and the Peterson Institute for...