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Peter is a Technical Marketing Engineer for the Commercial Business Unit of NETGEAR. Peter specializes in Internet security as well as network storage and has over 8 years of experience in the IT industry.
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How a Virtual Receptionist Helps You Close More Sales

Quality client relationships fuel company growth. Many factors contribute to the making of great business relationships, and, subsequently, great sales. And among them is a great person to greet incoming callers.     What’s required in...
Cloud Computing
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5 Major Cloud Computing Mistakes to Avoid

Is your business ready to venture into the cloud? This new, virtual world can open the door to cost savings, increased productivity, greater scalability and more. However, heading in without a map can prove detrimental...
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You Started Your Business. Now What??

You’ve got your business licenses in order, all of your initial overhead out of the way, and you're ready for customers. Now what? You may have officially launched your business, but you’ve no idea what...
overcoming frustration
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3 Step Strategy to Land Your First Clients

Five years ago, my business partner and I were fresh out of college with nothing but an idea. We knew that we had more insight on social media than the “adults” running ad agencies, which...
low-cost businesses
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10 Low-Cost Businesses to Start on the Side

Many people dream of owning their own businesses but are discouraged by potential startup costs. However, if you combine a little creativity with the resources and skills you already have, you can come up with...
Tropical Island
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7 Steps to Seize Changing Opportunities in Your Industry

Today’s economic climate is challenging for any corporation. One industry seems particularly lost — film. Unfathomable budgets have led to major losses and far fewer successful franchises. Home entertainment distribution virtually imploded with on-demand, Redbox,...
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Want to Succeed Wildly? Adjust Your Attitude

Have you ever wondered what makes someone a world-renowned musician or a critically acclaimed novelist? Malcolm Gladwell would say it all comes down to practice — over 10,000 hours of practice, to be exact.But a...
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How to Hire and Manage a Remote Startup Team

We’ve all had days where we’ve walked out of the office vowing, “I’ll never set foot in there again!” Yet despite all our bluster, we come back the next day and muddle through our work...
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3 Tips for Startup Success (Hint: Flexibility Is Key)

Advice is crucial to entrepreneurial success — it keeps businesses flexible and entrepreneurs humble. Throughout my career, I’ve made sure to stay open to advice, even (and especially) after tasting success. Earlier this year, I...
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4 Tips to Find a Mentor Fit for the New Economy

Millennials are the most entrepreneurial generation in American history. Not only have 50 percent of Millennials started a business (or hope to), but their entrepreneurship rate is 10 percent higher than the general population. A 2011...