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With over twenty five years of company naming and branding expertise, Tungsten founder Phillip Davis has been quoted in, Bloomberg Businessweek, American Express OPEN Forum, Entrepreneur, Newsday, MediaPost, AllBusiness, and other leading business publications. During his career, Phil has named over 250 regional, national and international companies, products and services, including the likes of PODS, TradingBlock, and TeamLogicIT. In addition to leading a creative team, Phil is a frequent keynote speaker and blog contributor on the subject of brilliant branding. He resides in the Blue Ridge mountains near Asheville, NC.
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5 Company Naming Mistakes that Can Kill Your Startup

In the fervor of starting a new business, it’s easy to overlook the long-term impact of a quick company naming decision. Most new business owners worry first and foremost about the more pressing issues of cash flow, staffing, leasing, signage and inventory. The company name will work itself out, or come with the help of...
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Keeping The Brand Fresh – Apple Improves Its Shelf Life

Apple Tunes in on its Core Strengths When it comes down to it, brands are built on one of two foundations... their products/services or their strengths/attributes. Most startups, in a rush to go to market, unwittingly choose the former, wrapping their company identity tightly around their (then) current products. While doing this has short term...
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Does Your Brand Have Curb Appeal?

The truth about branding - (a brief confession) Deep down in my heart of hearts I carry a dirty secret about branding -- it's all a facade! And I mean that in best and worst sense of the word. On one level, branding is completely made up, a construct -- an image in the collective...
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Find the Perfect Domain Name for Your Web Based Business

One of the toughest challenges when branding a web-based startup is finding that elusive matching .com domain name. The immediate temptation is to create a mutated version of your proposed company name by adding a hyphen, or chopping the name in pieces, (e.g., or admitting defeat and taking the .net or .biz extension. Ouch!...
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How to Make Your Brand Image More Credible, Believable & Profitable

Build  credibility by building trust Company brands, like individual  personalities, are based on behaviors and characteristics. The stronger the  characteristics, the stronger the business brand image. Over time, these  company personality traits become anticipated, expected and relied upon,  forming an inherent “promise” between a business and its clients. Volvo built a  reputation on safety. Rolex...
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6 Steps to Becoming a Branding Dynamo

If you are like a good number of budding entrepreneurs, you probably have a killer idea, the right people and connections, and a detailed plan of action. You are ready to pull the proverbial trigger, but before you do, you have to call this thing-of-yours something. Anything! And that’s where it gets tricky. It’s times...