Ray Grainger

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Ray Grainger is founder and CEO of Mavenlink, a comprehensive web-based project management platform that manages the entire scope of business for consultants, freelancers, and other independent service professionals from a single application. Ray was a Global Managing Partner at Accenture for nearly two decades, and earlier in his career he served on two expeditions to Antarctica and was awarded a congressional medal.
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What Every Startup Can Learn from Google

You may think your startup has little in common with an industry giant like Google. However, while recently participating in Google’s “Mobilizing Mobile” event in Mobile, Alabama, I was reminded that Google excels in certain...
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Google+: The New Facebook for Business

Since 1998, Google has been busy creating an entire universe of web tools. There’s email and calendars, Google Docs, advertising, payment processing, site analytics, and mobile. Then there’s also the Google Apps Marketplace and Google...