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Richard Geller is a widely published author, financial expert, and entrepreneur.  Read more about Richard in his StartupNation profile or visit his website,
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Money: Raise Everything You Need without Borrowing a Dime

I’ve worked with over 600 different technologies and more than 300 entrepreneurs. Almost all of them who are trying to breathe life into a new business think they have a money problem. The funny thing is that as I look back on my own ventures and realize that, if anything, my problems stemmed from too...
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Look for Lenders that Benefit from Your Success

I have another way for you to get money for your business without borrowing or taking on difficult money partners. We already talked about getting customers to prepay, but for now, I want to discuss another killer method. It starts with a Latin phrase "cui bono," which means "who benefits." As I always say, the...
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How to Get Out of Crushing Credit Card Debt

In a previous article, I showed why it’s better to finance a business without any personally guaranteed debt, such as through using credit cards. But if you nonetheless find yourself dealing with crushing credit card debt, take heart. There are ways to straighten things out. This article will show you how you can get out...
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Credit Card Financing: Viable (but only sometimes)

Are you financially strapped? Are you using plastic to support your startup? I've seen a lot of people finance their business with personal credit cards. Heck, I still do it sometimes. So I thought I’d examine the ramifications of financing a business this way and discuss its downsides and alternatives. First, a note. In using...
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How to Get Services for a Fraction of the Price

If you need someone to create a press release for you or put up your website, this article explains how you can find a reliable person to do this for you at a fraction of what you might otherwise pay. Welcome to the world of competitive outsourcing. Offerings from StartupNation's Vendor Services, or from others...