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Robert L. Dilenschneider has hired more than 3,000 successful professionals, and advised thousands more. He is founder of The Dilenschneider Group, a corporate strategic counseling and public relations firm based in New York City. Formerly president and CEO of Hill & Knowlton, he is the author of the bestselling books, "Power and Influence, A Briefing for Leaders, On Power" and the newly released, "Decisions: Practical Advice from 23 Men and Women Who Shaped the World." For more information, please visit
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Here’s What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Henry Ford

The following is excerpted from "Decisions: Practical Advice from 23 Men and Women Who Shaped the World" by Robert L. Dilenschneider. Reprinted with permission from Kensington Books. Copyright © 2020 Robert L. Dilenschneider. Any decision you make isn’t worth a tinker’s damn until you have formed the habit of making it and keeping it. — Henry...