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Roz Clark is a transformational strategies coach, online trainer and conference speaker who specializes in helping people to reframe their thinking so that they can actualize their dreams.
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4 Lessons From Social Media Thought Leaders to Help You Connect With Your Customers

The impact, success and revenue generated by leading social media influencers is astounding. The good news for aspiring entrepreneurs is, many of the skills and practices that successfully attract followers (who, ideally, become paying customers) are transferable and can be applied to your business. Thought leadership is a multi-billion dollar industry. And in one way...
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4 Ways to Overcome a Plateau and Reignite Your Passion

We've all been there. Our business is growing according to plan, and then... it isn't. We've hit a plateau, we feel stuck and we don’t know what to do. Don’t panic! Business, like life, runs in cycles. With a clear assessment and a fresh perspective, you can get back on track and grow your business in new and...