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Ryan Hildebrand has spent his career in financial services. Prior to Seed, he was the VP of finance at consumer bank Simple. There, he served as the M&A lead when Simple was acquired for $117M by BBVA. Before Simple, Ryan held executive finance positions at Demandforce and Strands. As an ex-CPA, Ryan understands the financial challenges of running a small business. Recognizing that existing banks struggle to provide a combination of great technology and extraordinary customer service, Ryan founded Seed as a customer-centric digital bank that makes it easy to start, run and grow a business.
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Accounting Errors Small Business Owners Make in the First Year

I’ve worked in accounting my whole career, so I can say this without shedding a tear: hardly anybody starts a business because they love balancing books. (Some of us do, sure, but we’re the minority). Accounting is a necessary evil and, when put up against all the other demands of getting a business off the...