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Sahana Jayaraman is the Global Head of Strategy and Marketing Services at Hotwire, a global communications agency. Sahana is a brand and creative strategist with a track record in developing award-winning campaigns and building high-performing teams. She is an expert in brand and creative campaign planning for emerging and enterprise tech brands. Sahana currently serves as part of Hotwire's senior leadership team as Global Head of Strategy and Marketing Services. In this capacity, she sets the vision for services across strategy, brand, digital and creative globally (
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How to Build Great Teams Within Your Startup

A company’s greatest assets are its people, and for startups in particular, it’s the people who make a real difference. Without question, it’s in working well as a team that creates the biggest impact. Academics Martine Haas and Mark Mortensen have spent over 15 years studying teams and groups of employees, conducting more than 300...
brand narrative
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How to Strategize and Control Your Brand Narrative

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos expressed the notion very neatly: “Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room.” How, then, do you go about about strategizing and sharing your startup's brand narrative? Start with a detailed business review Begin by completing a thorough business review. Conduct a competitor audit, taking...
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How to Build a Brand with Purpose

A good brand helps with recognition, but a great brand resonates with purpose. Without a handle on purpose, it is difficult for potential customers to connect with a business. Building a brand with purpose is a difficult, yet vital, task. Research shows that in today’s digitally driven world, brands will only succeed if they have...