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Sam Wheeler is a digital business consultant with Inseev Interactive. Sam helps businesses grow their digital presence and has worked with some of the largest companies in the world, and some of the smallest. He is based out of San Diego, CA and loves reading vintage copies of Cat Fancy magazine.
Budget-friendly strategies
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Budget-Friendly Strategies to Market Your Business Blog

As a busy business owner, you need everything you do to matter. Maintaining a relevant blog is hard work and it's important that your content facilitates your goals and produces results. Blogging just for the sake of doing so does not help a company grow. It can be tempting to purchase expensive tools or consultants to produce and...
Referral program
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7 Steps to Implementing a Successful Referral Program

When it comes to marketing, there is no technique more effective than the power of the referral. Referrals from friends, family, colleagues and even celebrities have been some of the best ways for companies to spread the word and secure customers for centuries. Think of the last time you needed a new hairdresser, doctor, dentist...
Top digital marketing tools of 2016
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Year in Review: The Top Digital Marketing Tools of 2016

In today’s digital landscape, the term “digital marketing” covers such a wide variety of skills and information that it may seem impossible for a marketing manager in a startup or small business to succeed in this field. There are fantastic resources for marketing professionals to help grow a business and it is always important to...