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Shannon Threlfall is the founder of The Founder’s Vision, a platform for news, business strategy, consulting, online courses, collaboration and more. This is a platform for WOMXN entrepreneurs who have a massive vision for their business and see the world differently. We are leading a movement to revolutionize the business world and create a new economy that has diversity and social entrepreneurship at its heart.
year of the customer
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It’s Not Too Late to Make This the Year of the Customer

This is a story about the importance of amazing customer service. Sometimes, entrepreneurs can get too caught up in the day-to-day problems and trying to make money that they forget there are actual humans purchasing their products and services. Recently, I bought a small gift for my daughter that ended up deteriorating within a few...
brand story
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The Power of Crafting a Brand Story as an Entrepreneur

Gone are the days when the founder of a company was completely faceless and unknown. Over the last decade or so, there has been a greater call for transparency in the way businesses operate. The individuals who start and run these businesses, regardless of industry, are being called into the spotlight, as more and more...
comparison trap
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How to Get Out of the Comparison Trap and Move Your Business Forward

When you start out in business, it's normal to research those who have gone before you and try to learn from them. Personally, I have watched and examined countless interviews with entrepreneurs who I admire in order to learn all the steps they've taken to achieve the success they have today. And while this research...