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Shelly Solis is a former university teacher and government welfare officer. She is the cofounder of SaaSLaunchr where she works as a digital marketer, focusing on blog outreach and SEO for SaaS companies. She has experience in content marketing for niches like health care, auto dealerships, infrastructure management, accounting, technology, SaaS, business and finance.
marketing automation
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Automate Your Marketing Process With These 12 Easy-to-Use Tools

Marketing automation is all about optimizing your campaigns to reap all the benefits of digital marketing. Investment for marketing automation technology is getting more sophisticated, projecting an increase of $25 billion by 2023. This staggering growth has been consistent since 2017 at an annual rate of 14%. This article will reveal 12 great tools that will easily...
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Banner Ad Design Tips That Draw the Customer In

Every business or brand wants to be visible. You can market your brand in any way you’d like, but if you want to have an immediate impact and brand awareness, banner ads are one way to go. Banner ads boost your site traffic and generate more leads on your end by leveraging the platform being used...
content marketing automation
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10 Actionable Steps to Automate Your Content Marketing Workflow

Being a marketer in today’s digitally dependent world without using automation tools is just like starting a business without intending to scale it. Statistics show that half of the companies in the marketing field alone are now using marketing automation and 58% of the B2B companies are thinking of using it in today’s digital world....