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With 20 years’ agency experience, Stacy is a passionate digital marketer with a proven track record of winning, nurturing and growing agency business from scratch. She’s inspired by the overlap of marketing and technology and the impact on consumer and business trends. Stacy built the eBusiness practice at Scrum50 with over hundreds of brands across CPG, pharma, home improvement, personal care and luxury beauty. From e-commerce to generating break-through brand activation ideas, she finds innovative ways to solve business problems.
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How Your Brand Can Adapt to Rapidly Changing Consumer Needs with E-Commerce

As we settle into our new normal, the majority of “non-essential” brands have either temporarily halted operations, or accelerated their shift from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce storefronts. For startups just beginning to establish their digital presence during this tumultuous time, there are quite a few lessons that can be learned from larger brands. At Scrum50, it's...