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Keshia Ashe gives young girls ManyMentors in STEM

ManyMentors focused on giving opportunities primarily to middle and high school students Keeping young people interested and involved in science and technology is an important focus and one of the major goals of the ManyMentors organization. Co-Founder and CEO Keshia Ashe, 29, from Hampton Virginia, helped start the nonprofit organization because she saw a need...
Happy Employees
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Crowdfunding: Brings together large populations of entrepreneurs

How Massachusetts is the leading the way in Title III Crowdfunding The Massachusetts Securities Division has adopted an emergency regulation permitting intra-state crowdfunding offerings. The Commonwealth joins approximately 15 other states in their decision to pass Title III Crowdfunding at the state-level, despite the reluctance of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to approve...
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5 Essentials For Good Branding

Good Branding Isn't an Accident - It Takes a Little Work Good branding is essential to building a successful business, because the brand is the first part of a company that other people see. Business Betties is a company that knows all about the importance of branding. They started about three years ago and are...