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Mr. Marketing ™ / Stephen L. Bainton is the CEO of Mr. Marketing, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida. He can be reached at
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Women Roar!

Marketing to women used to be an afterthought, like marketing to a special interest group.     Today, savvy marketers understand one powerful concept—that women either buy or influence the purchase of most consumer items. Sound farfetched? According to Tom Peters (and many other writers) this is the new reality, a reality that will shape this...
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Strategies for Success in a Down Market

Starting a business in a downturn is never easy. Just ask Wally Amos, who founded the “Famous Amos” cookie brand during the recession in the mid ‘70s. Though difficult, he managed to pull it off with a superior product, and one that was, quite frankly, an affordable luxury.     Nonetheless, you can’t ignore the present...