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Stephen M. Lowisz is a young serial-entrepreneur, and CEO of Invictous. He started his first company at age 14, and was employing friends full-time at age 16. But, he had more ambition than mowing lawns and landscaping. Stephen did his first $1 million in Fortune 500 consulting revenue at age 19. Now, at 21, he’s using Invictous to change the face of entrepreneurship. Having been brought up by a father who is a rags-to-riches story, and being surrounded by successful entrepreneurs, Stephen has come to believe that the only way to experience true freedom is to be an entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping others come to this reality and explode into their dreams and goals.
Young entrepreneur
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Advice for Young Entrepreneurs (from a Young Entrepreneur)

Growing up, it always irritated me when I would read books and hear about teenagers, as young as 13 and 14, making millions by starting their own business. I started my own landscaping business at 14, and the best I ever did was rake in $30K when I was 16. It wasn’t until recently that...
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Video Marketing: Captivate Your Audience with Consistent, Original Content

Your content is compelling. Your writing skills are top-notch. You recently added a superb graphic designer to your marketing team, and your millennial staff is beyond fluent in social media. With LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, you feel that your startup far exceeds the competition in terms of modernization. I have news for you: unless...