Steve Hershberger

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Steve Hershberger is the co-founder and CEO of SteadyServ Technologies, a data-as-a-service company that delivers real-time performance intelligence on draft beer consumption and inventory. Prior to SteadyServ, Hershberger co-founded and ran marketing agency Comblu, where he used his data analytics skills to build solutions that gave clients accurate metrics regarding word of mouth and ROI. An avid craft beer enthusiast, Hershberger also co-founded Indianapolis-based Flat12 Bierwerks in 2009.
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3 Phase Gates to Move Your Product or Service to Market

At some point along the journey, most entrepreneurs are faced with what may seem like the final impossibility – the one roadblock that has the potential to prevent them from bringing their idea, product or service to market. It doesn’t have to: entrepreneurs can use the following three “phase gate” process to conquer the impossibilities...