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Stuart MacDonald is Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer at FreshBooks,   where he’s responsible for marketing, sales, support, and revenue.   FreshBooks is the leading online invoicing and bookkeeping service for   small businesses, freelancers and service based professionals. A digital business veteran, Stuart previously founded TripHarbour and   brought Expedia to Canada as founder of He later went on to   become CMO and SVP Packages of Stuart also co-founded mesh   and meshmarketing, and has lived and worked in Greece, The Netherlands,   the UK, New York, Chicago, WA, DC and Seattle. He’s a mentor, investor,   consultant and frequent speaker on things digital and entrepreneurial.   Stuart currently resides in Toronto, ON with his family.
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Invoicing: 7 Secrets to Mastering the Art of Billing

No matter their industry, freelancers, small business owners, and other indie workers all feel the overwhelming burden of billing clients and tracking hours and expenses. It’s hard to anticipate the administrative aspects in being independent, and time spent managing invoicing often seems to get in the way of actual work. While invoicing and the follow-up...