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Your Role As the Leader Of a Small Business

As the leader of a small business, you wear many hats.  There are hundreds of activities that need to be completed on any given day and many times you are the only person who is available and capable to get them done.  You have the most at stake and, let's face it, the buck stops with you.  However,...
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A Successful Entrepreneur Gives 5 Rules for Bootstrapping

Alykhan Karim is the founder and CEO of Sonoma, which offers access to premium wines in Brazil.  We asked him to go over the process he took to make Sonoma successful and to share his secrets to bootstrapping.  Even though he is in Brazil, his insights are universal. Please briefly describe Sonoma and what market...
Exceptional Marketing
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From Rural to National: A Story of Exceptional Marketing

Entering White Sulphur Springs is like entering any forlorn island of humanity in Montana’s vast expanse, which has led to its nickname “Big Sky Country.”  The main street is dotted with bars, a café closed for winter, and several other unremarkable or abandoned storefronts.  I am scanning this bleak commercial horizon for a coffee shop...
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In 423 Miles, Turn Left: Brilliant Marketing in the Middle of Nowhere

Last October I was racing across the barren expanse that is eastern Montana and Wyoming in my 2000 Toyota Echo.  With 175,000 miles on it, this remarkably resilient car had already gotten me to San Francisco, back over Donner Pass in an early season blizzard, and through my hometown of Bozeman, MT.  Now I was...
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Why I Tolerate Annoyance

On a recent trip to Breckenridge, Colorado I found myself standing at a three-way intersection that consumers often encounter when making a purchasing decision.  That intersection consists of price, convenience, and service.  We all prioritize a different factor in different situations.  On a quick lunch break, convenience may trump the other two but if I want to...