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The Sloan Brothers

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Jeff and Rich Sloan are company creators, lifelong entrepreneurs and brothers who have helped millions of entrepreneurs pursue success. As co-founders of StartupNation, the duo co-hosts the StartupNation Radio show, and authored the acclaimed how-to book, “StartupNation: Open for Business.”
product licensing deal
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10 Tips for Landing a Product Licensing Deal

Inventors can either build a new company to commercialize their product, or they can license their product to an existing company that already has the resources in place to get the product out into the market. This article offers 10 tips for how best to license a product to an existing company.
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License to Drive: Adding Users to Your Business Server

As your company and staff grow, so will the number of licenses required for your server, the operations center of your business. This can be a knotty and confusing task, so you should anticipate the challenges and understand how to whip them.
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Taking Your Startup to a Foreign Market

Going abroad is easier for startups than ever. But entering a foreign market remains a major step for most companies, and it can require a significant commitment. Here