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Thursday Bram started her first blog in 2003. She’s been writing for the web ever since, creating posts for CNET, GigaOm and a variety of other websites. Thursday has created successful content marketing plans for companies as diverse as a piano moving business and a holistic health network. Thursday has also created content monetization plans that brought in thousands of dollars. She has even written about kitchen sinks. On her personal site, Thursday blogs about the business of writing. Thursday received her bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Tulsa and is pursuing a master’s degree in publication design from the University of Baltimore.
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The Art of Moving Past Other People’s Objections

There aren’t a lot of people who object to the idea of being an entrepreneur. The idea of running a company, making a cool million or two and moving to your own personal island (which is how a lot of us would like entrepreneurship to work) is hard to object to on any level. Of...