Todd Wadler

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Wadler is the CEO of TITLE Boxing Club and Co-Founder of BoxUnion. An entrepreneur at-heart, he followed his love for fitness to found BoxUnion in 2016 which eventually acquired TITLE Boxing Club in 2021 to form the biggest omni-channel brand in the global fitness boxing market. Wadler innovated the fitness boxing category while making enhancements that would set TITLE Boxing Club up for long-term operational success. Most recently, Wadler joined the USA Boxing Foundation as a Board Member. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Wadler was a Founding Partner of Moelis & Company, a leading global independent investment bank and asset management firm. He boasts more than 25 years of experience in advising public and private companies across the consumer and financial services industries. Wadler breeds a passionate for fitness and building relationships that will empower business owners.