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Ty has been writing about small business and the business finance topics that impact a business' bottom line for almost 20 years. With over 35 years in the trenches as a Main Street business evangelist, author, and marketing veteran, he makes the maze of small business finance accessible by weaving personal experiences and other anecdotes into a regular discussion of some of the biggest challenges facing small business owners today.
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Is Your Business Scalable? Why the Answer Matters to Potential Investors

Financing a small business initiative by offering investors a percentage of ownership equity in your business is called equity financing. When angel investors or an equity firm invest in a company, they don’t do it for a loan payment. They do it for a percentage of ownership, or equity. And, instead of periodic payments, the...
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4 Things You Need to Know About Establishing Business Credit

Establishing a strong business credit profile is an important factor in how a business’ creditworthiness is evaluated when applying for a small business loan. Granted, different lenders have different thresholds for creditworthiness, but the business owner with a good credit profile will have more options available than a business owner with a weak profile. StartupNation...
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Leveraging Credit to Build a Healthy and Thriving Business in 3 Steps

Popular media would have entrepreneurs believe that money is the solution to all of their business problems. Although 84 percent of business failures can be attributed to being undercapitalized and suffering from inadequate cash flow, money isn’t always the answer. With that said, capital is an incredibly valuable tool, that if used correctly, can fuel...
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Loan Rejection: What It Means for a Small Business

A Loan Rejection Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Get a Small Business Loan The challenge of finding capital is a top-of-mind concern for many small business owners. While a loan rejection is a bitter pill to swallow, there are things you can do to improve the odds that your next application will be successful. You may...
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3 Things A Small Business Lender Needs to Know About You and Your Business

What your lender wants to know about YOU Applying for a small business loan can be stressful. A lender might even make you feel like you’re in the Spanish Inquisition as they dig into things like your personal credit score, your business credit profile, and other data points in your business and personal life. You’re...
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Do You Know Your Business Credit Score?

Your business credit score: What you don't know can hurt you! Do you know what your business credit profile looks like to a lender? In addition to including several numerical “scores,” your profile also includes qualitative information to help a prospective lender evaluate your loan application. As a small business owner, your personal credit score...