Uwe Dreissigacker

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Uwe is the founder and CEO of InvoiceBerry, an online invoicing software that helps small business owners and freelancers to send out their invoices on time. Uwe successfully ran multiple online businesses before starting InvoiceBerry out of the need to send professional invoices. He's been in the tech scene for over 15 years with companies ranging from FinTech to AdTech and games publishing. His newest venture is BlogHandy, a simplified WordPress alternative.
staffing challenges
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Hiring Trends to Counteract Today’s Staffing Challenges

The talent shortage remains the biggest challenge in 2022. Over 3% of workers leave their jobs voluntarily each month, making human resources the biggest constraint to economic growth this year. That being said, acknowledging hiring trends will help employers fulfill their talent acquisition demand as there will be significant growth in jobs and the need...
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How to Use Storytelling to Grow Your Business

Everywhere we go, we see stories. In one way or another, they shape and influence our daily lives, sometimes without us even noticing. From a business perspective, stories are an important part of marketing. Brands use storytelling to get their message across in advertising, on social media and more.  In a world of endless scrolling, capturing a user's attention...
Business plans
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7 Common Myths About Business Plans

Business plans have been around for a long time, helping companies set strategic goals and find qualified investors. While the format and purpose of business plans have undergone continuous changes over the years, they are nonetheless crucial for all businesses. However, many entrepreneurs often question the need and usefulness of business plans, leading many to forego...