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Provided by Verio, StartupNation’s Web hosting service provider. Learn more about hosting solutions from Verio.
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Creating a Customer Database

Our web hosting service, Verio, was kind enough to provide the following advice on how to effectively collect customer data. One of any business's greatest assets is its list of customers. It is a record of past sales and a source of future revenue. The Internet presents a unique opportunity for you to obtain information...
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How to Secure Your Web-Enabled Business

Provided by Verio, StartupNation’s Web hosting service. Stories about new viruses circulating through e-mail have become common. Reports of hackers stealing a company's data or crashing its Web site are less common, but the danger of it happening is ubiquitous and real. As you prepare to Web-enable your business, it is vital that you take...
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Just what is "web hosting"?

 You know what a Web site is, but what is a “Web Host?” We tapped Verio, the company that hosts,  to give us the lowdown. What is a Web Host? To have a Web site on the Internet you first need to have a Web server. Unfortunately, owning a Web server can be very...