Veronika Tondon

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Veronika Tondon is a business enthusiast. She writes about emerging technologies and opportunities for business. She is working as a marketing manager with Invoicera, a leading cloud invoicing solution.
Business Vehicle
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Payments: How to get what you are owed

How Long Should You Wait to Follow-Up With Clients on Payments? The payment process can be a stressful one for any entrepreneur. This is true for both products and services. The capital invested in business...
Trade Show ROI
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Manage Team Stress For Better Productivity

Team Stress Can Effect Productivity A business owner must manage the levels of stress in the organisation. This is essential  for improved productivity levels and happy teams. This can be driven by both, policy as...
Team Productivity
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40 Tips to Increase Team Productivity

Kick team productivity up a notch with these 40 tips! Improving team productivity is beneficial for both, the organization and the team. This helps in growth and improvement for all. These are simple techniques that...