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William Craig is is the founder and president of a full-service internet marketing company, WebpageFX. His teams help businesses raise their profiles and increase their revenue through diverse online strategies including search-engine optimization and digital marketing. Providing clients with an average of 20 percent increased revenue annually, WebpageFX has generated over $115 million in revenue for clients in the past year alone.
Remote employees
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4 Tips for Working With Remote Employees

The very nature of work is changing, and in some cases, it’s happening right before our eyes. If you need proof, look no further than the explosion in remote work opportunities over the last few years. Both established corporations and fresh new startups are giving employees more freedom than ever to work where it’s most convenient...
SEO Misconceptions
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Common SEO Misconceptions and Why They Hurt Your Business

Understanding search engine optimization can be a tricky business. Not because it’s overly complicated (though sometimes it can feel that way) or because there isn’t enough information (in truth, there’s probably too much information). It’s tricky because there’s no immediate feedback as to whether or not you’re doing something efficiently. Parts of your SEO strategy...