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Yvonne Campos is the founder and president of Next Act Fund, as well as a nationally recognized businesswoman, speaker and market research consultant. Founded in 2016 in South Western PA, Next Act Fund helps female investors grow their personal wealth by investing in early-stage, women-owned and led companies. Yvonne is a former entrepreneur and an active member of the Pittsburgh business community. She has been recognized locally and nationally for her entrepreneurship and community involvement. She currently serves on the board of the Quantum Theatre, Kelly-Strayhorn Theater, Highmark Health, Chatham University’s Center for Women's Entrepreneurship, and the Pittsburgh Dance Council. She is also on the honor boards of WQED Multimedia and Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania.
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6 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Successfully Pitch to Women Angel Investors

The stats for women in investing are somewhat bleak. Only 11% of VC partners are women, and as a whole, women angel investors have only reached 22%. On the entrepreneur side, things look better, with over 40% being women. However, things are starting to look up even more. According to the Angel Capital Association (ACA),...
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10 Tips for Women to Successfully Raise Startup Capital

Women have more of a challenge than men when it comes to raising money. According to Fortune Magazine, all-women teams raised only 2.2 percent of available capital in 2017, versus 79 percent for all-male teams. To address this imbalance, women need to be keenly aware of what it takes to make a successful pitch to...