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Zach Benson is the CEO and founder of Assistagram, an innovative Instagram management agency specializing in growth of accounts and creating Instagram campaigns that reach millions. As a full-time entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, social media trainer for international brands such as The Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and ViceRoy, he encourages others to reach their full potential through the arts and social media. He uses his successful social media presence and impressive network of followers to travel around the world teaching others how to grow their Instagram accounts. Zach is also an award-winning dancer and was a finalist on FOX TV's popular show, "So You Think You Can Dance." He combines his passion for teaching, entrepreneurship, dance and travel to mentor people all over the world and help them grow, dance and improve their companies.
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The 4 Key Pillars of Instagram Success

Recently, Instagram hit a milestone when it was revealed that the social media application had become over 800 million users strong. Now, imagine getting even a fraction of those users to take notice of your business. If you are new to the startup space, then you may not have realized just how vital Instagram has...
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Be Your Own Boss: I Started a Business and Here’s How You Can, Too

The prospect of starting your own business venture can procure all kinds of doubts: How will I get it off the ground? Is my idea good enough? Will people care about it? What happens if I fail? Will I lose money? It’s not just personal insecurities that can stand in the way of that all-important...