Bad Reviews

How do bad reviews affect your business?

Bad Reviews are negative testimonials of your products by actual people who have used them and it says it all – what do your reviews say about you?

NEW STUDY: About 90% Of People Today Will Not Buy A Product That Has Bad Reviews

It is more important than ever to manage the reviews of your products and services. About 90% of people today will not buy a product that has bad reviews. Bad Reviews are negative testimonials of your products by actual people who have used them and it says it all. Nobody will want to use your products and services if they read a number of negative reviews about your products. So you must be able to manage and control your brand’s reputation.

While bad reviews are almost impossible to erase, you can counter them by responding back. This method is slow but has proven to be effective in the end. A more effective approach would be to downsize the negative information by naturally increasing the positive information about your brand reputation online. When the positive reviews outnumber, the negative reviews, you are on your way to repairing your damaged reputation.

It is important that businesses make it a priority to create alerts about their brand and also monitor their online reputation. No matter how bad a negative review maybe, you should never argue with the author of the review. Rather, you should address and resolve the issue directly and possibly offline as soon as possible.

As a brand owner, you should always take an objective stand and respond with great tact. Own up to mistakes and offer an apology if the situation demands. It is the responsibility of business owners, Public Relations Managers and Digital Marketers to stay on the alert and build an internet reputation management strategy. In the end, customer will understand that business isn’t perfect. But as long as a business listens and strives continually to improve the quality of their services. That company is on its way to creating a clean and successful online reputation.

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