5 Best Online Tax Preparation Software Products

The thought of sorting through receipts, understanding complex tax laws, and worrying about potential mistakes can be daunting. However, with the advent of online tax filing software, this daunting task has become more manageable and less stressful.

So, whether you’re a freelancer juggling multiple sources of income or a small to medium-sized business (SMB) looking to optimize your tax return, the right software can make a big difference. Let’s dive into the top online tax preparation tools that promise to make your next tax season a breeze, rather than a burden.

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Top Online Tax Preparation Software

Let’s get right to it! Here’s a curated list of the top online tax preparation tools, each uniquely equipped to handle the intricacies of tax filing with ease and precision. 

1. TurboTax


Your taxes, your way

Do it yourself, get expert help, or hand it off start to finish – let’s get your taxes done right.

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TurboTax is a market leader in online tax preparation software, widely acclaimed for its user-friendly interface and exceptional guidance throughout the tax filing process. It offers personalized tax advice and a range of tools to handle everything from simple to complex tax situations, making it a top choice for a wide range of taxpayers.

Key Features of TurboTax:

  • Comprehensive Questionnaire: TurboTax uses an in-depth questionnaire to accurately gather user information, ensuring that every relevant tax situation is covered.
  • Audit Support Guarantee: Offers free guidance from a tax professional to help users understand and respond to IRS audit notices.
  • Automatic Import of Tax Documents: TurboTax can automatically import W-2s and investment and mortgage information from participating companies, making the process faster and reducing manual entry errors.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The software provides an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, which simplifies the tax filing process for users with all levels of tax knowledge.


  • Do Your Own Taxes: $0-89
  • Live Assisted: $0-169
  • Live Full Service: $89+


  • Ease of Use: The software’s intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use, regardless of their tax knowledge.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Capable of handling complex tax situations, including investments, rental properties, and self-employment.
  • Live Support: Access to tax professionals for live help and advice adds a layer of confidence and support for users.


  • Higher Cost: TurboTax tends to be more expensive than some of its competitors, especially for more complex tax situations.
  • Upselling: Users have reported frequent prompts to upgrade to more expensive versions, which can be a bit intrusive.
  • Limited Free Version: The free version is only suitable for very simple tax situations, with limitations compared to paid versions.

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2. H&R Block

H&R Block

Get help with AI Tax Assist & live tax pros

Get personalized tax support with AI Tax Assist or connect with a live tax pro when you need expert help.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

H&R Block combines the convenience of digital technology with the reliability of professional assistance, providing a comprehensive online tax preparation service. Renowned for its ease of use and robust support options, it caters to both DIY filers and those seeking expert help, ensuring accuracy and maximizing deductions.

Key Features of H&R Block:

  • Free Online Tax Filing: H&R Block offers a free version for simple tax returns, similar to the IRS Form 1040. It includes some common deductions and credits.
  • Expert Review Option: Provides an option for users to have their tax returns reviewed by a tax professional before filing, ensuring accuracy and maximizing refunds.
  • Easy Import of Tax Documents: Users can easily import their W-2, 1099, and last year’s tax return data, even from other tax services, thus simplifying the data entry process.
  • In-Person Support: Unique among online tax services, H&R Block offers access to its vast network of physical branches for in-person support if needed.


  • Free Version: Suitable for new filers or simple tax returns (Form 1040). Includes earned income tax credit (EITC) and child tax credit.
  • Deluxe Online: $35  +  $37 per state filed
  • Premium Online: 65  +  $37 per state filed
  • Self-Employed Online: $85 +  $37 per state filed


  • Physical Locations for Support: Access to in-person help and the ability to drop off tax documents at any of their branches is a unique advantage.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The software is easy to navigate and ideal for beginners.
  • Comprehensive Tax Support: Offers detailed support for various tax situations, including self-employment and rental income.


  • Costlier Than Some Alternatives: While providing excellent services, H&R Block can be more expensive than some other online tax prep software, especially for complex tax filings.
  • Upselling: Similar to other tax services, there may be prompts to upgrade to a higher-tier service.
  • Limited Free Version: The free version is less comprehensive than the paid versions, and is suitable only for simple tax situations.

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3. TaxAct


Your max refund is waiting.

Filing is simple with our step-by-step guidance from start to e-file.

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TaxAct is recognized for delivering a powerful, yet affordable, tax preparation solution. It appeals to a wide range of users with its straightforward interface, helpful tax tips, and versatile filing options, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between cost and features.

Key features of TaxAct:

  • Price Lock Guarantee: TaxAct offers a price lock guarantee, ensuring that users pay the price listed at the time they start their return, regardless of when they file.
  • Comprehensive Tax Solutions: Tailored solutions for various tax situations, including federal and state filings for freelancers, business owners, and those with investments.
  • Helpful Tools and Resources: Offers educational tools like a tax bracket calculator, a self-employment tax calculator, and a deduction finder to assist users in maximizing their refunds.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The software is designed to be straightforward and easy to navigate, making the tax filing process simpler, even for those with limited tax knowledge.


  • Free Version: Based on qualifying income and deductions
  • Deluxe Edition: $24.99 + State additional
  • Premier Edition: $34.99 + State additional
  • Self-Employed Edition: $64.99 + State additional


  • Affordable Pricing: TaxAct is known for its competitive pricing, offering a good balance of features and affordability.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Capable of handling various tax filing needs, from simple to complex situations, including self-employment.
  • Educational Resources: The additional tools and calculators provide valuable assistance in understanding taxes and making informed decisions.


  • Limited Free Version: While the free version covers basic tax situations, it’s less inclusive compared to some competitors.
  • Less Intuitive Interface: Some users find the interface less user-friendly compared to other major tax software.
  • Additional Charges for State Filing: Unlike some competitors who offer free state filing in their free versions, TaxAct usually charges an additional fee for state filing.

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4. Credit Karma

Credit Karma

Where credit meets confidence.

Intuit Credit Karma uses your credit profile to show you curated recommendations. Plus, you can see your Approval Odds¹ before you apply without impacting your scores.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Credit Karma‘s straightforward approach and easy-to-use platform make it ideal for taxpayers with simple returns or those on a budget looking for a reliable and cost-effective filing solution.

Key Features of Credit Karma:

  • Completely Free Tax Filing: Credit Karma Tax offers free federal and state tax filing with no hidden fees, covering a wide range of tax situations, including itemized deductions, business income, and rental property.
  • Easy Import of Previous Returns: Users can easily import tax returns from previous years, even from other tax services, which simplifies data entry.
  • Audit Defense: Provides free audit defense, which includes correspondence and guidance in case of an IRS audit.
  • Accurate Calculations Guarantee: Offers guarantees for the accuracy of its calculations, ensuring that users get the maximum refund they are entitled to.


  • Federal Filing: Completely free, regardless of the complexity of the tax return.
  • State Filing: Also offered for free, which is a significant benefit as many other services charge for state filing.
  • No Additional Fees: There are no hidden charges or fees for additional forms, schedules, or state filings, making it a completely cost-free service.


  • 100% Free Service: The most significant advantage is that it offers comprehensive tax filing at no cost, making it highly accessible.
  • Covers Various Tax Situations: Despite being free, it handles a variety of tax situations, including more complex scenarios.
  • Simple and Straightforward: The platform is user-friendly, making it suitable for those who are new to tax filing or prefer a straightforward approach.


  • Limited Support Options: Compared to paid services, Credit Karma Tax offers limited customer support, which might be a concern for users with complex tax situations.
  • No Professional Tax Assistance: Unlike some competitors, it does not offer the option to consult with tax professionals, which can be a drawback for those needing expert advice.
  • Not Suitable for All Taxpayers: While it covers a wide range, there may be certain tax situations or forms that Credit Karma Tax does not support.

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5. Jackson Hewitt Online

Jackson Hewitt

File your taxes online for $25 flat. Guaranteed.

One low price plus your biggest refund, guaranteed. No matter how complex your taxes are. Federal and State returns included.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Jackson Hewitt Online provides a straightforward and efficient tax filing experience, focusing on simplicity and speed. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a no-nonsense approach to tax preparation, offering reliable tools and support for a hassle-free filing process.

Key Features of Jackson Hewitt:

  • Wide Range of Tax Solutions: Jackson Hewitt accommodates a variety of tax situations, from simple to complex filings, including self-employed and small business taxes.
  • Easy Document Upload: Users can upload their tax documents easily, allowing for a streamlined and efficient preparation process.
  • Accuracy Guarantee: Offers a guarantee on the accuracy of tax calculations, ensuring users get the maximum refund they’re entitled to.
  • Access to Tax Pros: Provides the option to consult with tax professionals, either online or at one of their many physical locations.


  • File Online Yourself: $25 flat rate
  • File With a Tax Pro: For detailed pricing information, contact the JH team directly for a quote based on your specific tax situation.


  • Physical Locations for In-Person Support: The availability of physical branches for in-person assistance is a significant advantage, especially for those who prefer face-to-face consultations.
  • Easy-to-Use Platform: The software is designed for ease of use, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Comprehensive Filing Options: Capable of handling various types of tax situations, from simple to complex.


  • Costlier Than Some Alternatives: While offering quality services, Jackson Hewitt can be more expensive than some other online tax prep solutions.
  • Limited Free Version: The free version covers only basic tax situations and might not suffice for those with more complicated tax needs.
  • Additional Charges for State Filing: Unlike some competitors, state filing usually incurs an extra fee, especially for more advanced packages.

How Do Tax Preparation Software Work?

At its core, tax preparation software functions as an intelligent guide, leading users through a series of questions and prompts. These questions are designed to capture all relevant financial information, from income and expenses to deductions and credits.

As users enter their data, the software uses advanced algorithms to calculate taxes owed or refunds due employing advanced algorithms to ensure accuracy and maximize savings potential. This digital assistant not only simplifies tax returns but also gives users a better overview of their financial standing — all with a few clicks and keystrokes.

Features to Look for in Tax Preparation Software

As we turn our focus from individual software offerings to the broader landscape of tax preparation tools, it’s important to know the key features that set the best apart from the rest.
So let’s delve into the key features and considerations that make a top-notch tax software.

1. User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface in tax software significantly reduces the complexity of tax filing, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. It enhances the overall experience by simplifying navigation and data entry, which is crucial for accurately completing your taxes without unnecessary stress or confusion.

2. Accuracy and Reliability

Accuracy and reliability in tax preparation software are paramount for ensuring that all data is correctly processed, reducing the risk of errors that could lead to audits or financial penalties. Dependable software instills confidence, ensuring that tax obligations are precisely and correctly met.

3. Compatibility

Compatibility with different operating systems and devices allows seamless access to your tax data from anywhere. This feature ensures that you can process your taxes across different platforms, increasing the convenience and flexibility of managing your tax returns.

4. Importing Capabilities

Effective importing capabilities enable you to automatically transfer financial data from previous returns or financial institutions. This feature saves time, reduces manual entry errors, and ensures a comprehensive and accurate reflection of your financial information.

5. Error Checking and Audit Support

Error checking helps prevent mistakes before filing, while audit support provides assistance and guidance in the event of an IRS audit. These features add a layer of security to the tax filing process.

6. E-Filing and Direct Deposit Options

E-filing and direct deposit options offer a quick and efficient way to submit your taxes and receive refunds. This modern approach streamlines the tax filing process, ensuring faster processing and quicker access to your refund.

7. Customer Support

Robust customer support is essential for addressing queries and resolving issues during the tax preparation process. This feature is particularly important for users who may encounter complex tax situations or need additional guidance.

8. Security Measures

Strong security measures protect your sensitive financial information from unauthorized access or breaches. In an age of increasing cyber threats, having robust security in your tax software is crucial for safeguarding your personal and financial data.

9. Cost and Pricing Options

Cost and pricing options should align with your budget and the complexity of your tax situation. It’s important to choose software that offers a fair price for the features and support you need, without unnecessary expenses for services you won’t use.

10. Reviews and Reputation

Reviews and reputation provide insights into the software’s performance and user satisfaction. Checking these can help gauge the reliability and effectiveness of the software.

The Final Verdict: Top Tax Software for Effortless Filing

In this article, we’ve navigated the complex world of tax preparation software, highlighting the best tools to ease the often daunting tax season. We’ve covered a range of software, each with unique features catering to different needs — from user-friendly interfaces and accuracy to security and pricing options. The goal is to provide a clear path for choosing the right software, ensuring a streamlined and stress-free tax filing experience. 

With these insights, finding a tax preparation solution that aligns with your financial situation and simplifies the process is now within easy reach.


Are online tax preparation software safe?

Yes, online tax preparation software are generally safe. They use encryption and other security measures to protect your personal and financial information.

What are the benefits of using online tax preparation software?

Online tax preparation software offer ease of use, convenience, and accuracy. They simplify the complex tax filing process and often provide guidance for maximizing deductions.

How much does online tax preparation software cost?

The cost varies depending on the software and the complexity of your tax situation. Some offer free versions for basic returns, while more advanced features or professional assistance can increase the price.

Can online tax preparation software help with tax audits?

Yes, many tax software options offer audit support services. This can include advice on how to prepare for an audit and assistance in understanding and responding to IRS inquiries.

Can I use online tax preparation software if I have foreign income?

Yes, many online tax preparation software can handle foreign income. However, it’s important to choose software that specifically supports the reporting of foreign income to ensure accurate filing.

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