Case Study: Does giving away your product to promote sales work?

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When it comes to marketing strategies and sales tactics, the idea of giving away your product is a classic one. But does it work?

We have a real live example right here at StartupNation that occurred during our weekly team meeting. Steve, one of our StartupNation community members, showed up with cookies! Not just any cookies, but his special gluten-free cookies specifically made for people who have celiac disease or are allergic to gluten found in most baked goods.

Wow!! Steve’s cookies are phenomenal!! We posed for a photo and posted it in the StartupNation community and then we got back to the business at hand – eating more cookies!

This forum topic in the StartupNation community has previously addressed the issue of promoting a product by giving it away. Check it out and see if you have anything to add to the conversation.

Hmm … it’s time for a mid-afternoon cookie snack …

(listen to Jeff and Rich talk about this concept in the video above)

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