Dr. Google Completes Successful Brain Augmentation (Breaking News)

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Have you stopped and thought lately about how Google (or equivalent) has changed you into a far more powerful, efficient and informed thinking being? A series of insignificant Google searches this week made me pause in wonder about what a game changer—better yet, brain changer—Google is as we each scramble for important info and just try to get stuff done faster. It’s as if we’ve all been given a brain augmentation.


Three examples of how my brain augmentation by Dr. Google has led to extraordinary intellectual faculties:

Example 1:

My sister called and asked, “What’s that poem about the ship that sails away? My friend’s father-in-law died and I want to read it at the funeral.”

I said it sounded familiar but I couldn’t recall the name of it.

“Did you Google it?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

“Try Googling these words,” I advised, “‘Ship Poem Funeral’.” And within seconds she had her poem for her friend.

Voila, The poem is “Standing on the Shore” by Bishop Brent.

Example 2:

 I wanted to rent an RV to roadtrip from Michigan to San Francisco this month. I Googled “One Way RV Rental”. Within seconds I had dozens of options and settled on a company and model vehicle that fit the bill. Task done. Dream weaved. Took seconds.

Example 3:

I needed an image representing royalty to use in a previous blog post. I Googled, “King wearing royal crown,” and clicked on “Images” on the Google page to look only at image results – and, bingo! There it was – the image I was looking for.


It kind of feels supernatural to be so empowered with so much information and so many resources readily at my fingertips. Isn’t it stunning when you think about it?


And a few years out, I fully expect the day to come when Google will introduce a feature that plugs directly into my brain, thank you very much Dr. Google.

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