Email Surveys

Over the past few posts I've written about the benefits of using email as a
marketing medium. Last time I talked about how you can use email to gain
instant feedback on products. You may not always know if people on the street
read your flyers, but you can always track how many customers open your email.

Email surveys can really help you gain valuable insight into your readers'
minds. People love to voice their opinions, especially if they know it will
make a difference. Web-based surveys make it simple for users: they can often
be completed in under five minutes and they don't require any paper or postage.

Make sure your customers know why taking the survey will benefit them. Consider
adding a sentence to your invitation that explains how you'll use their
feedback to improve your product or service. Don't forget that the survey still
needs to add value to your customers' lives. It might help if you added a 10%-off
coupon or some other incentive as a way of thanking your customers for the

Next time I'll talk about maintaining multiple contact lists and how this
technique can help you give a customer exactly what they want from your


Ryan Allis

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