A business practice we admire – Classy Follow Up

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As you know, we’ve been blazing trails all over the country on our book tour.

Along the way, we’ve been reminded of a business practice we recommend you consider adding to your mix. It’s a really simple one.

We call it, "Classy Follow Up."

After our recent Denver appearance, we received the kindest correspondence from the organizer of our event there–Tami Door (she works with the Downtown Denver Partnership).

It wasn’t an email, which would have been buried in with 100s of other emails. It wasn’t a phone call, which would have been great, but, still, nothing special.

Instead, Tami sent us simple, genuine hand-written notes. We’ve kept them on our desks for over a week now and we’ve reread them a number of times.

Yes, it’s an ‘old school’ approach. But connecting and communicating shouldn’t just be about efficiency. Her classy follow up has made an impression on us that has us thinking about her, about Denver and about doing something again with that great community in the near future.

If you want to make an impression on someone you’ve met, try Tami’s technique. Make the effort to write a personal note. Classy follow up can put you in a class of your own.

-Sloan bros

P.S. By the way, if you don’t like the taste of stamps, use a sponge!

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