Save Money- Send a FREE Press Release!

I remember the days when you could send a press release free of charge on most news wire services, not so much anymore. I am always looking for ways that entrepreneurs can get the word out and get noticed. Help them find a good bang for their buck, and the most cost effective way to get publicity. FREE is always good.

I was on a mission to find a free PR web site to help struggling entrepreneurs ease the cost of letting everyone know what they are doing. I wanted to do a test to see if paying for the distribution of a PR differed from the free site approach.

Here is what I found:

The “free” release sites worked great. I would recommend going to our own SUN resident PR specialist Melanie Rembrandt (great job by the way) and review her “Rembrandt’s 40 no cost free PR posting sights” on her blog. I did by gummit, and went through each and every site. I found the list long, and time consuming to go through, however, in them I found some great sites that scored high on my press release requirements list. Do not get discouraged by the 40 of them, just take a few at a time.

The trick in my opinion was to review each site and evaluate the efficiency of the process. Each page was slightly different, it was time consuming filling out each pages registration, and then to post the release. However, it was a great learning experience, and I was able to identify the sites I would use repeatedly, and toss the rest.

The “pay” release sites were fine, as usual, however, it actually took longer for the post because of the editorial hold placed on the release. Who would not want to save the $80 bucks a pop anyways (the minimum use to be a $40 contribution)? The free PR showed up on the Internet earlier, and higher in ranking.

So, I recommend you send it FREE……. same bang for your no-bucks. Gotta LOVE it!

If you’re on a on tight business budget, then sending it free is a great way to get the exposure you’re looking for.  Let people know who you are and what you’re doing without having to break the bank. Save your money for other expenses.

A good rule of thumb for a press release is to try and send one every 6-9 weeks, or sooner, for news worthy information. And remember, a PR does not mean you will reap dollars. I am sure if you turn to the SUN expert, Melanie Rembrandt, you can learn all about what a PR does, and does not do, and how it works. 


Kim Babjak


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