Run a contest: Win Customers (and more)!

Contest giveaways are a great way to show your customers, both current and prospective, that you value them as customers, members, or users of your product or service
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How Running a Contest Can Generate Buzz for Your Business

Meet the Staff at SOLDIERFIT
Meet the Staff at SOLDIERFIT

Need a creative way to promote your franchise opportunity? Why not give one away?

That’s what we’re doing at SOLDIERFIT, a military-inspired fitness franchise headquartered in Maryland. We recently launched a contest that will award one U.S. military veteran with their own franchise location – waiving the winner’s franchise fee and offering a year of no royalties due.

Now, some of you involved in a franchise system might be scratching your heads: Why on earth would a franchise give away one of their units?

The short answer: We want our brand to grow and succeed and we crave passionate franchise owners, people who live and breathe our concept and mission.

For any businesses out there – franchise or otherwise – who are looking for creative ways to market and grow your brand, here are three reasons you may want to consider running a digitally driven promotional contest.

Contests Drum Up Buzz and Create Loyal Customers

Contest giveaways are a great way to show your customers, both current and prospective, that you value them as customers, members, or users of your product or service. A giveaway can add a personal touch to a business promotion and show that your brand truly cares about your customers. It sets up an expectation that you are interested in doing business with them, so much so that you are literally willing to give away something for their loyalty.

You Aren’t Just Giving Away Prizes

When you have a promotional giveaway, you aren’t only giving away prizes – although those play an important role in the process. During promotions, you’re also sharing information about how your business’s products or services can help prospective customers. A strong knowledge of your business’s benefits coupled with a giveaway can attract potential customers to your business, whether they win a prize or not.

Contests Show You are Involved

Contests and giveaways that have a “giving back” bend to them are incredibly beneficial in showing prospective and current customers that your business is involved with other activities, organizations, and events outside of your own business. Whether it’s helping veterans or assisting your local food drive, customers can connect with a business that gives back to their community. Giveaways can be done in conjunction with an organization, non-profit or other community event to help boost your businesses overall reputation.

These are only a few ideas for why a promotional giveaway or contest could be a good idea for your business. For SOLDIERFIT’S veteran franchise giveaway, applications will be accepted through July 27. For more information on SOLDIERFIT, visit their website.

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