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A Sales Managers Checklist

If the company has the internal structure to provide formalized sales training (or the money to invest in outside consultants), the company can afford to hire inexperienced sales people. One advantage to this approach is the ability to train “fresh” employees to adapt to the company’s unique culture and processes. However, if the owners and/or key employees have the “tribal knowledge” that must be passed on to the new employees but lack the time to properly train, than the company is better off investing in a more experienced sales person that can offer a faster ramp-up time.

One of the hardest and most frustrating aspects of sales is prospecting for new business. This is where a lot of new salespeople struggle and often sales managers fail to properly train and assist. This results in either termination or resignation, which is a waste of time and money for companies and employees.

To solve the problem sales managers need to first determine the problem. Success in prospecting is dependent upon the sales person’s ability to (a) get in front of enough qualified prospects and (b) say the right words to develop interest, gain confidence and close the sale.

If the salesperson is not succeeding than he/she is either: (1) Not getting in front of the right prospects (2) Not getting in front of enough of the right prospects or (3) Not saying the right thing when in front of the right prospects. Other considerations can include: (4) the competitive position of the company in the marketplace (5) economic conditions that influence buying power.

By taking each key point above and methodically assessing the salespersons skill level, a proper training program can be developed specific to the areas needed. Too often salespeople are touted as lazy or not trying when the real problem is the sales manager’s inability to properly support novice salespeople.

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