What is the best small business elevator pitch in the pitch-off? You tell us!

From Joan Isabella, StartupNation Radio consultant

A signature feature on StartupNation Radio is The Elevator Pitch . Participants have one minute to verbally hook the interest of a potential investor on a virtual elevator ride. We are having the first ever “StartupNation Radio Pitch-Off” on StartupNation Radio and here in the community forums at StartupNation.com.

You can listen to the six brave entrepreneurs who stepped up to the plate on the elevator during the radio show on August 12.

You– the Startup Nation community–will decide which three move on to a second round to refine their pitches based on the feedback they received from Jeff and Rich on the radio show, and from you in the community forums. One entrepreneur will be chosen to win business coaching from StartupNation to help them move to the next level of success. You can hear it all on the radio on August 26.

Why should you take the time to vote in the poll? StartupNation is all about learning and sharing and growing our businesses. You can help other community members improve their pitches and businesses, and you can count on them to help you grow yours. (If you haven’t created a profile, you’ll have to do that first, so click here)

VOTE NOW!! (Click here to go to the polls). The polls will close on Monday morning August 21, so vote today!

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