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Top Twelve Terrific Tools to Build Your Business Faster

It’s hard to remember how we all survived without using apps! At StartupNation, we use a variety of apps that help us manage our website and companies more efficiently and profitably.

We polled the StartupNation team members, and here’s a list of our Top 12 Best Business Apps. Feel free to share with us your favorite apps over on our Facebook page for StartupNation. We’d also love to know what you think about our new Business Launch resource!

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Top Twelve Terrific Business Growth Tools

12. Hightail: Transfers large files quickly and easily that are too large to send through email or other channels.

11. ToDoList app: Manages your to-do list easily which helps your productivity.

10. Hootsuite: Use this app to integrate all of your social media in one place, and syndicate your content with the touch of a button.

9. Google calendar: Never forget an appointment, and has automated reminders for your meeting partners so you’re never stood up.

8. Quicklytics: Easily access your website analytics as a glance and stay on top of traffic trends.

7. Google Drive: Makes documents easy to edit and share among your team members or clients, and keeps your documents in a readily accessible location.

6. Dropbox: Syncs all of your files across all devices where you install it. Makes sharing files, and receiving files when managing a project, simple and organized. This is one of the apps I use on a daily basis.

5. Pulse app: News syndication app for most major newspapers and magazines. Puts recent news at your fingertips and provides plenty of content to share to your social media sites.

4. Syncs all your banking accounts, credit cards, and other financials in one place so you can see at a glance what you need to know. Makes it easy to catch fraudulent charges on your credit cards!

3. Email marketing software: As with most things, you get what you pay for. A free service won’t provide the features and automation you need to grow your business. Sign up with a service that has all the features you will eventually need for a successful business.

2. Skype: We love the ease of staying in touch with team members and customers, with instant messaging, voice and video capability.

1. Website: Every business needs a website. Your website is the first step to being a prominent presence online. Be sure to have a lead capture strategy so you can build community relationships which will lead to sales.

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