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Relevance Of Landlines In An Ever-Increasing Digital Age

A look at how landline phones are not as dead as one might think.

Nowadays  you can’t go anywhere without being bombarded with a view of people  of their mobile phones. Whether they’re talking loudly about the  inane details of their day, furiously texting, or updating their  social media news feed, mobile users are so engrossed in their phones  that they pay seemingly no attention to whatever else is going on  around them. So in touch with our virtual lives do we have to be,  that I’ve seen people fixated on their mobile screen even when  crossing a road – I mean, how dangerous can you get? So in an  ever-increasing digital age, is there room for traditional landline  communication? Here are some reasons in support of keeping a landline  rather than switching to mobile.

You  make frequent overseas calls

It  could be that you have friends or family who live overseas, or  perhaps you are required to make many business calls between your UK  and overseas office. Regardless of the reason why, if you have to  make frequent overseas calls, you may find that it is far cheaper to  do so using a landline than a mobile phone. Remember to ask your  provider about cheaper tariffs or packages that you can get if you  are going to be making many calls abroad.

You  want heightened security

If  you are one of those people who prefer to telephone the bank or  credit card company, rather than use the internet, you may be pleased  to hear that making those phone calls using a landline will give you  a much reduced risk of being hacked. What’s more, businesspeople  have a need to do a lot of business over the phone and the last thing  you’d want is for your important phone call to be hacked and news  about your brilliant best-selling idea to be leaked.

You  are fed up of losing signal

The  amount of times I have lost signal during a phone call on my mobile  is unbelievably high. If you become irritated by having your  conversation interrupted many a time throughout the one phone call  due to lack of signal, you may find that a landline can solve this  problem.

You  like tradition

Employers  who get rid of traditional landline phones in favor of their workers  making business calls from their mobiles may very well regret the  fact that staff will constantly feel the need to leave their desk.  Wireless communication may be convenient and have the advantage that  you can talk anytime and anywhere, but it is also a misconception  that landline phones mean you have to stay at your desk. Landline  phone solutions (like this one from AT&T) now exist that allow a  user to take calls anywhere in the office, even hands-free.  But  there will always be those people who just prefer to do things the  traditional way, and for whom, the telephone is a fixed landline.

Your  call can be more easily traced in an emergency

A  final good reason to still use a landline is the simple truth that  your call can be more easily traced back to its origin by the  emergency services. That means if you’re involved in an accident  and you choose to ring from your mobile, but lose signal before the  call ends, you may have to wait longer for help to arrive, which  could end up being critical.

So  while there are many advantages to keeping up with the ever expanding  world of technology, there’s no reason to hang up your landline  phone for good just yet.

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